Power management asics

MinDCet designs and produces Custom Power Management ASICS for high voltage, high temperature
and high frequency applications. Our in-house developed inductor measurement system MADMIX and
our Computer Aided Optimization tools allow us to design high-performance, lower cost ASICS within
the customer’s requirements. With a “work till it works” attitude we help our customers by
making their product competitive and optimal efficient.

MinDCet develops Turnkey IC Solutions, from adetailed system study to medium volume production. Our services are also accessible separately, fitted to the customer’s project.

  • System studies

  • IC design

    Inductor characterization
    Computer aided optimization

  • Discrete designs

  •  Production


What we offer

System studies:
This is the initial step in an IC design project.
We can provide you with:

  • a detailed design specification
  • an in-depth feasibility study
  • a discrete proof-of-concept prototype

IC design: Customers can benefit from our IP portfolio to reduce design cost. While designing we use our own inductor characterization allowing making cost-efficiency trade-offs. To optimize the designs MinDCet has its own computer aided optimization tool. We provide you with:

  • system analysis
  • circuit design and simulations
  • layout generation and verification

Discrete designs:This approach allows to translate your requirements into a production-ready board-level prototype for feasibility measurements.

Production: MinDCet matches the technology, packaging and testing to your requirements. We monitor the production process and timing to achieve optimal value for money.

If we can help you with this in any way then do not hesitate to contact us, even in an early stage of a project. We are glad to help defining your project requirements.


MADMIX Inductor Measurement

MinDCet offers its patented and unique inductor measurement system to the market, enabling in-the-application inductor loss modeling in a novel and more accurate way.

We offer this measurement system as a product as well as a measurement service, for IC design companies, inductor manufacturers and ferrite producers.


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