MADMIX Inductor Measurement

Being the beating heart of all inductive power converters, we understand it is key to know the performance of your inductor.

MinDCet’s MADMIX, a patented fully automated setup capable of measuring the performance of power inductors under hard-switched conditions makes this finally possible.

MADMIX inductor analysis opens a new era for converter design:

  • Purpose

    • Fast competitor benchmarking
    • Core-material development
    • Fast inductor characterization
    • Inductor overstress assessment
      (thermal / electrical)
  • How

    • Automated large-signal analysis
    • Accurate DC and AC-losses
    • Core loss measurement with separation of core and winding loss.
    • Static and dynamic core saturation
    • B-H curve extraction
    • Self heating prediction
  • Main features

    • Current range: 10mA – 60A
    • Switching frequency: 10kHz – 10MHz
    • Temperature range: -45°C – 225°C