IP library

The extensive IP library of MinDCet allows a considerable speed-up and derisking of the Power Converter design. The focus of the IP-portfolio is on High-Voltage (700V),  Hi Reliability, High-Temperature (-55 … 225°C) and RadHard driver and converter applications. Further optimization and customization of the silicon-proof IP-blocks to the specific needs of the customer is possible.

MDCD073 : High-Speed GaN Driver

High-speed 500MHz hard-switching full bridge with integrated current sensing, featuring automatic input level sensing and on chip dead-time generation.

Input voltage 2.0–5.5  V
Rdson 0.2  Ohm
tr,f 500  ps
Technology SOI 180  nm
Size 0.75 x 1.2  mm²
Foundry XFAB
Validated Yes


MDCL072 : 700V to 5V Linear Regulator

Linear regulator with on-chip pass device, for high power-system boot-up or IOT regulator. The MDCL072 is the smallest solution and highest input voltage regulator on the market

MDCL072 HV Linear Regulator

Input voltage 12– 700 V
Output Voltage 8 V
Output power 1 W
Technology 350 nm
Size 1.8 mm²
Foundry XFAB
Validated Yes


MDCI072 : 650V / 3A IGBT Motor Driver

On-Chip 3-phase power stage with integrated level-shifter, predrivers, current sensing and temperature sensing. It features the highest degree of integration and highest on-chip voltage input capability on the market

Input voltage 50 – 650  V
Output power 2000  W
Technology 1  um
Size 160 mm²
Foundry XFAB
Validated Yes

40V/600mA BLDC Driver

On-Chip 3-Phase power stage, with integrated level-shifter, predrivers with slopecontrol, current sensing, BEMF sensing, charge-pump and control state machine.

Input range 6-40  V
Output current 600  mA
Technology SOI 180 nm
Size 7 mm²
Foundry XFAB
Validated Yes

Fully Integrated 4 Phase Buck Converter

Fully integrated, four phase inductive DC-DC buck converter requiring no external components.


Input range 2.0 – 2.6 V
Output range 1.2 V
Output power 800 mW
Technology 130 nm
Size 1.6 x 2.35 mm²
Foundry UMC
Validated Yes