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MinDCet Wins the X-FAB X-CITE Award

ERFURT, Germany, July 26, 2016 – X-FAB Silicon Foundries today announced the first winners of its annual First-Time-Right Award and semi-annual X-Cite Award. Fabless semiconductor company MinDCet NV won the X-Cite Award for stretching the performance envelope in X-FAB’s varied semiconductor processes.

Dr. Ulrich Bretthauer, Business Line Manager Industrial & Medical at X-FAB, presented the X-Cite Award to MinDCet CEO Dr. Mike Wens, saying: “We know MinDCet for driving our technologies to the edge, but with this proposal you aim for even more ambitious targets, beyond what we envisioned when developing our SOI technology.”

“The X-CITE award highlights our strategy towards pushing the limits in Power Management ASIC design and X-FAB technologies are leveraging this vision.” states Mike Wens.

The XFAB press release can be found here.