MinDCet develops Power Conversion ICs, supporting the complete process from feasibility and system design, IC design to full turn-key solutions including production. We provide IC design-in support as well, delivering application board designs and advise on the off-chip passives.

How do we differentiate?

We drive GaN, with the fastest GaN driver on the planet.

We think High-Voltage, up to 700V on-chip.

We breathe HighReliability through our Automotive Power ASIC design track record.

We handle High-Temperature, up to 225°C junction temperature.

We develop RadHard, for satellite applications.

How long is the development cycle?

MinDCet defines a fixed project effort and timing based on the customer milestones and the fixed design specification. The actual timing will need to be verified based on available MPW slots, and availability of the design team, and is contractually agreed on. Depending on the design complexity, a test vehicle may be planned prior to the final ASIC.

In case the design or system specification is not completely defined yet, we are flexible to engage into customer collaborations, but on a time and effort defined base until the specification is fully defined.

In-house capabilities:

Design tools:

  • Industry standard EDA tools.
  • Finite element analysis tools for electro-thermal layout analysis.
  • Scripted DC-DC optimizer tools, allowing pre-design area/technology/efficiency trade-offs.
  • Scripted simulation tools for doing high-speed big data simulation set ups, e.g. SET simulations.
  • Automated EDA for power devices.

In-house measurement tools:

  • MEDUSA automated measurement setup of all GPIB controllable hardware, in house developed.
  • MADMIX inductor and MADCAP capacitor measurement system.
  • Thermostreamer -60…225°C ambient temperature control
  • High speed data acquisition, 4GHz, 40GS

Discrete designs:

  • FPGA/microcontroller implementations for demo/prototype/feasibility
  • Characterization/application board design with industry standard PCB tools
  • Design-in of our power ASICs
  • During the entire process we use our own in-house developed MADMIX inductor measurement system.

How do we work ?

Every project at MinDCet starts from a well-defined ASIC specification, either provided by the customer or developed by us based on the customer requirements as part of a feasibility study.

Next, the whole system and sub-blocks are analyzed in the concept design and used to define IC architectures, block specifications, process technology, pin-out, bonding requirements, thermal trade-offs, and efficiency optimization.  MinDCet has a wide range of silicon proven IP that will speed up and derisk the intensive design cycles.

Following the concept design, the detailed design implementation starts, where all blocks are implemented on transistor level, simulated over the process corners, temperature variations and monte-carlo versus the design specification.

The layout implementation translates the transistor level to the physical implementation, following the guidelines of the designer, and our internally developed guidelines for high-reliable layout implementation. Post-layout extraction and FEA analysis for electro-thermal compliance have enabled us to provide first-time-functional silicon to our customers since the establishment of MinDCet.

MinDCet manages the complete supply-chain, providing a full turn-key ASIC solution from fab to tested and packaged die.