Power ASICs


It is a fact that when we are asked to design a custom IC challenges emerge. In the biomedical hearing implant world batteries need to last and demand sub-milli Watt circuit consumption. When driving a big electrical engine multiple kilo Watts are asked for, yet dissipating only a few Watt in the driver electronics. These extremes and seemingly contradictions are part of our daily life. That is what keeps us on the edge of what is technologically possible and yet reliably.

Our designs rely on a decade of silicon proven power ASICs, combining our in-depth know-how on Finite-Element (FEM) simulations for thermal, interconnect and parasitic extraction analysis .

Thermal Simulations
  • Assessment of the transient and steady-state thermal performance is critical in the design for high-power ASICs.  
  • The impact of die thickness, process options, die attach, package type and PCB interface can be taken into account, and will define area and placement of the power devices. 
  • We are using both proprietary design scripts as well as finite-element analysis tools.

Current Density Simulations
  • In power routing it is crucial to assess the metal track current densities, either by post-layout finite-element simulations (R3D or MAGWEL) or proprietary design scripts.
  • Additionally these simulations allow assessment of the interconnect impedance, which is critical in the contribution of on-resistance
Design Methodologies
  • Process and options selection based on voltage, temperature, lifetime and cost/area requirements 
  • Design taking into account:
    • Degradation mechanisms (TDDB, HCI, NBTI)
    • Electromigration
    • Lifetime requirements and mission profile
  • Design of switched power systems
    • Proprietary scripts for effciency/area optimization
    • Proprietary scripts for loop analysis
    • Design for reliability
  • Bondability / packaging requirements
Use Case
  • Power converters
  • Class D audio
  • Smart switches
  • Motor drivers
  • Gate drivers
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