Working at MinDCet

Since 2010, our clients in the aerospace, industrial, automotive and biomedical market have inspired us to create, manufacture and deliver advanced power conversion ICs for specialty markets, including high-frequency, high-voltage, high-power and high temperature applications.

Next to custom power ICs, MinDCet develops and produces a range of measurement systems for inductors (MADMIX) and capacitors (MADCAP), widely used in the industry.

MinDCet is continuously looking for highly motivated people with the right mindset to strengthen our fast growing team.



Working at MinDCet


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Does our mindset for power excite you? Become a new mind in our team!

Are you motivated to identify and pursue new business opportunities to drive MinDCet's growth in the high-tech environment? The business development position requires flexibility in establishing customer relationships, managing suppliers and customers, as well as building and executing marketing strategy to expand sales.  If you are someone who can wear many "hats" and keep all the topics in balance, then this many faceted position is right for you.

Analog and mixed-signal design is your passion? In this position you will execute and manage analog, mixed-signal IC design and discrete design projects.

You a wizard of all things mechanical and electrical?  Your skills will lend well to the diverse tasks of this role. Assembly of the measurement systems, designing mechanical parts and racks, PCB layouting, as well as lab safety system development are potential functions of this unique position.

Is your passion for analog and mixed-signal IC design?  Your experience and results-driven orientation will ensure the successful development of cutting-edge ICs.

Low forward drop (on resistance) with high voltage blocking capacity is crucial for many (AC)DC/DC converters. A ‘diode emulator’ can be built using a high voltage transistor and control logic, the case of a half wave rectifier.