Case Studies


Brushless DC-Motor Driver IC Efficiently Drives Pumps in Vehicles

Originating from the high-end RC toys world (cars, planes, boats…), Brushless-DC motors (BLDC) are replacing older brushed DC motors in various industries. Obvious advantages are a longer lifetime and higher efficiency, but motor control is more complicated. MinDCet was the partner of choice for Melexis to implement a monolithic 40V / 3A peak sensor-less BLDC motor drivers. By integrating the sensing, controlling, gate-driver and power-stages into a single chip, a significant reduction in bill-of-material and cost was achieved.

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Jet-Fuel Valve Driver IC with working temperatures up to 225°C

Jet fuel injection is a critical parameter that needs tight control and can lead to a leap in reducing the consumption. Tight control means fuel-valve drive and control electronics that are by definition close to the jet engine itself. High ambient temperatures (200°C) makes this a very hostile and challenging environment for the electronics. Inspired by these challenges MinDCet has provided a solution to General Electric (GE), a leading player in this field, in the form of a high-temperature ASIC.

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Satellite Power Enabled by Rad-Hard GaN-Gate Driver IC

Geostationary or low-orbit, communication satellites have a power-hungry payload and a limited overall capability to support their weight and power. This knowledge, combined with the decades of experience from TaS-be power supplies, has resulted in the development of a Rad-hard GaN gate-driver ASIC. This 200V state-of-the-art ASIC is unique in it’s abilities and enables TaS-be to both tackle increasing life-time demands of geo-stat satellites (18 years) and low-cost / high-quality demands of new-space.

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