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Jet-Fuel Valve Driver IC with working temperatures up to 225°C

In the quest to reduce the global carbon footprint jet aircraft fuel efficiency is a key parameter toward a more sustainable future. Solving this complicated puzzle demands a multi-disciplinary approach, going from new materials, aerodynamics, software down to the jet engine itself. 

Jet fuel injection is a critical parameter that needs tight control and can lead to a leap in reducing the consumption. Tight control means fuel-valve drive and control electronics that are by definition close to the jet engine itself. High ambient temperatures (200°C) makes this a very hostile and challenging environment for the electronics.

Inspired by these challenges MinDCet has provided a solution to General Electric (GE), a leading player in this field, in the form of a high-temperature ASIC. The ASIC was specifically developed to operate with junction temperatures of 225°C. Thereby still ensuring reliability and lifetime to drive the jet fuel valve and provide monitoring of key electrical parameters.

High Temperature IC capable to 225°C