High-Voltage MADMIX

high voltage madmix

High Voltage Inductor Measurement System

The High-Voltage MADMIX system enables characterization of inductors and transformers for high voltage applications such AC-DC converters, solar inverters, EV traction drivers and more. Real-life AC-losses are measured accurately without tedious in-application testing. Inductor development, material selection and sizing is significantly accelerated for a more efficient design process. At high voltages, the core breakdown effect is crucial to understand and mitigate, which High-Voltage MADMIX detects at an early stage.

Key Specifications
  • Square wave voltage up to 1000V (peak-to-peak) 
  • Triangular wave current up to 60A (peak-to-peak)
  • Variable frequency from 10kHz to 2MHz
  • Duty-cycle range 50-95%
  • Ambient temperature range -60 to +225°C
  • AC-loss, core/winding-loss measurement
  • B-H curve extraction (without additional winding)
  • Core-breakdown measurement
  • Saturation measurement
  • Coupled-inductor measurement
  • Development of inductors & transformers
  • Research of magnetic materials
  • Characterization of inductors
  • Characterization of magnetic materials (for inductors, BLDC motors…)
  • SPICE model generation for SMPS design
  • Inductor comparison and benchmarking
Use Case
  • Inductor manufacturers
  • Research institutes
  • Power-supply design houses
  • Ferrite / magnetic material manufacturers
  • BLDC motor manufacturers (EV, power tools)
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