Power Capacitor Measurement

The MADCAP capacitor measurement system is the standard for measuring power capacitor AC parameters under real-life, large-signal square wave current excitation conditions.

Key Features
  • Hard-switched square wave current excitation up to 24A
  • Variable frequency (10kHz-1MHz) and duty cycle (5...95%)
  • DC bias voltage up to 70V
  • Ambient temperature control : -60 ... +225°C
  • AC-loss measurement
  • Self-heating measurement
  • Understanding losses in power capacitors
  • Separation of dielectric losses
  • ESR and ESL measurements
  • Safe-operating area determination under real-life operation
  • SPICE Model extraction
  • Non-linear effects investigation
  • Development of capacitors
  • Characterization of capacitors
  • SPICE model generation for SMPS design
  • Capacitor comparison and benchmarking
Use Case
  • Capacitor manufacturers
  • Research institutes
  • Power-supply design houses
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