power transistor analyzer MADTHOR

Dynamic & Static Power Transistor Testing

The MADTHOR Power Transistor Measurement System revolutionizes the characterization of
power transistors, combining dynamic and static test capabilities into a single powerful unit.
MADTHOR meets the strigent requirements for reliably and accurately measuring wide bandgap
power devices (GaN and SiC), as well as IGBT and silicon MOSFETs.

Whether for R&D purposes, product benchmarking or development, (pre-)qualification or for
quality control, MADTHOR accelerates device characterization and provides well-structured data
and graph outputs for analysis and documentation purposes.

Dynamic Tests: Double Pulse & Continuous Hard-Switching
  • Hard-switching double pulse test (inductor switched to Vbus). Different inductances allow for different current slopes, depending on on-time, Vbus and L
  • Switching losses: rising and falling edge
  • Turn-on & turn-off characteristics
  • High-current static test to measure static Rds(on)
  • Buck mode continuous switching. Allows for continuous switching of the transistor under test (TRUT) with both forward and 3rd quadrant operation (reverse current).
  • Dynamic Rds(on) measurement
Static Test: Transistor Analyzer
  • Vgs-Ids curves and threshold voltage
  • Drain-Source and Gate-Source leakage currents
  • Pulsed Rds(on) measurements to reduce self-heating effects
  • Measurement of power device parasitics: Coss, Ciss, Crss and gate resistance
  • Gate charge curve and parameter extraction
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    Test Specifications




    All specifications are preliminary and subject to change until final product release. Please consult MinDCet ( for the lastest status and product information.

    Our Measurement Systems team would be glad to present the MADTHOR system in greater depth and provide a live demonstration. Schedule a meeting with us.